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Beat the Heat
of Hot Flashes

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Automatic Hot Flash

Automatic Hot Flash
Episode Detection

Instant relief

Instant relief
within 45 Secs

Real time log

Real time log of
hot flash episode

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery
Lasting 48 Hours

A wearable like no other COOLZEN

A smart wearable that automatically detects the onset of a hot flash episode and provides an instant cooling effect that arrests the hot flash episode.

A wearable COOLZEN

Revolutionary Hot Flash Relief

Accurate Detection

Coolzen is built to accurately detect the onset of a hotflash episode enabling effective and instant relief.

Personalized Therapy

Coolzen is customizable to meet your unique needs. With real-time information and effortless controls, Coolzen adjust its settings to find the perfect level of relief for you.

Easy to use

Coolzen is designed for easy use and comfortable wear. With it's hands-free and discreete design, you can get the relief you need without anyone else knowing.

Your Essential Companion for Effortless Menopausal Relief


What Women Say

Hot flashes and night sweats were extremely severe and I desperately needed a way to relieve my symptoms.

Annie. M, Latvia

Hot flashes have completely distrupted my work life since I have 7-8 episodes every hour.

Jaya. M, India

Majority of women are waiting for a smart and easy to use solution, Coolzen will bring them this relief from hot flashes.

Sarah. B, UK

Very neat and very clever. It works automatically without much hassle. Having the app is a brilliant idea to track symptoms.

Viola .K, UK

Very small and would go unnoticed under hair or a collar.

Carol. T, UK

So pleased research is being done in improving menopause. A device will be very useful to be used with or without HRT.

Amy. B, UK

Very easy to put even at back of neck.

Sierra .A, UK

It just felt cool at the right time and that's exactly what I need.

Tanya. K, India
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